Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Quantum Group?

What if I decide not to sell? Do I still owe a fee?

I like my business. Why would I want to sell?

What will happen to my employees?

I already have an offer that looks pretty good. How can I be sure?

My accountant and attorney know my business and my town. Why shouldn’t I just use them?

How does the process work?

What else do I need to know?

Why should I use Quantum Group? top
  • Quantum Group has a proven track record.
  • The professionals at Quantum Group are knowledgeable and unmatched when it comes to industry experience.
  • Quantum is unmatched when it comes to demand-side relationships. We know where to go!
  • Quantum allows you to explore your options without paying a retainer.
  • Quantum works for its clients on contingent fee basis — no sale, no fee.
  • If you are not happy with Quantum’s work, you owe nothing. Therefore, it is in Quantum’s best interest to maintain client satisfaction throughout the process.
What if I decide not to sell? Do I still owe a fee? top
  • No! Quantum explores the sale of your business at our expense, not yours.
I like my business. Why would I want to sell? top
  • Taking advantage of market dynamics for economic gain does not require our clients to leave the business and no longer work. In fact, most acquiring companies want you to stay on and continue to work, along with any employed family members.
  • Consolidating industries are a cyclical economic phenomenon.
  • The reason you are at this page is because Quantum Group is addressing the most relevant phenomenon and your assets are very relevant.
  • The potential benefits to you and your family are enormous.
  • Quantum Group works tirelessly to assure our clients receive the highest valuations.
  • Quantum’s contingent-fee strategy assures that your interests and ours are always aligned.
What will happen to my employees? top
  • Most nationally focused consolidators want to maintain your best employees. Employers run the business, and they are a consolidator’s best resource in terms of continuing the operation.
I already have an offer that looks pretty good. How can I be sure? top
  • Through the utilization of Quantum’s win/win offer, Quantum will provide a market analysis of your business, assess any offers, and determine if the offer is the most beneficial.
  • In cases where we foresee a more profitable scenario, Quantum will then utilize the current offer as the benchmark.
  • Quantum will not collect a fee unless we exceed the most relevant offer.
Why not use my accountant or attorney instead? top
  • Accountants and attorneys are very important in the sale of a business; however, they are most effective when used within their area of expertise. Just as you wouldn’t want your family doctor to perform heart surgery, Quantum Group discourages the use of “family” accountants or attorneys to assist at what Quantum does professionally every day.
  • Here are a few key reasons to put Quantum’s industry knowledge and business savvy to work for you:
  • Quantum knows how the acquisition companies operate, how they value and negotiate. Only by knowing and replicating each potential buyer’s acquisition formula can you truly negotiate the highest sale price.
  • Quantum can tell you about the corporate culture of each potential acquirer and how its management style will blend with your existing business.
  • We make it our business to know which of your competitors are in the process of selling and which buyers are buying.
How does the process work? top
  • In any business, a sale or transaction does not take place until both the buyers and sellers are satisfied.
  • The first step with Quantum is to engage our services. Our engagement is a simple one page agreement between you and Quantum.
  • Quantum will then make use of its Acquisition Director to confirm all income and expenses related to the asset(s) for respective buyers.
  • Then Quantum goes to work. Senior leadership will enter into negotiations seeking the highest valuation for your asset(s).
  • Once a client has received an accepted ‘Letter of Intent’ to purchase their assets from a respective buyer Quantum’s Acquisition Director will become the focal contact throughout the due diligence process keeping our clients up-to-date as the process moves forward.
  • Quantum Group strives for a smooth and seamless closing process.
  • Remember, nothing happens unless the client is satisfied!
What else do I need to know? top
  • If you haven’t yet realized how important it is to be properly represented while exploring a potential sale, we’ll offer you our greatest advertisement: Acquisition companies say, “Don’t use us.”
  • It doesn’t matter what reason they give, does it?
  • The fact is that when Quantum represents you, higher valuations are derived.