Jessica Olson

Acquisitions Director

Jessica graduated from the University of Arizona with a 4.0 GPA and a B.S. in Business Management. 

She began her professional career as the principal sales representative for RockBottom Rentals, a leading communications rental vendor for the Feature Film and Television industry in Los Angeles, CA. Jessica not only generated exceptional sales numbers with RockBottom, but also further developed her exceptional management skills making her the ideal candidate for Quantum's Acquisition's Director position.  

Nine years later, Jessica continues to bring her polished talents and expertise to every client Quantum Group serves by overseeing the entire underwriting process. With her detail-oriented focus and friendly communications skills, she eases our clients, step-by-step, through the due diligence process, helping with the gathering of all required documentation. She quickly and effectively resolves any issues that may arise during the entire process. Her close attention to detail and pleasant, professional abilities help to facilitate our clients’ deals across the finish line in a timely and seamless fashion.

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