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"During the due diligence Quantum was able to negotiate for an earn-out post-closing for an additional ATT amendment. There was also structural defects to the tower and Quantum was able to negotiate a split of the cost in thirds so it didn’t totally come out of our clients pocket, 1-quantum,

2-client, 3-buyer."

-Max Bangerter

cape electronics (RDC Communications)

“Thank you and your staff for making the process of selling our towers as easy as possible… You not only got what I consider to be the best price possible but you minimized the aggravation of what has to be the most exacting process that I have ever encountered…”

-Robert Foley

South Yarmouth, MA

interstate towers, inc.

"I’d like to send the following message to anyone considering enlisting the services of Quantum Group: The Quantum Group exhibits a rare blend of intelligence, market knowledge, professionalism, integrity, honesty, personal warmth, enthusiasm, energy, optimism and determination. Quantum does their homework thoroughly. They will market your assets in a way that is unparalleled in this industry… Quantum will demonstrate real value for you… it is with little concern that I paid their commission after they had completed the price negotiations with a 65% increase over my initial offer. Quantum was the right choice to make for me, and I believe you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who could match their efforts.”

berkley group, llc.

“In the end, the deal you brought to the table was 40% higher than any offer we received during our own solicitation efforts…” “I appreciated the candor, enthusiasm and sense of responsibility that you demonstrated during this process. I look forward to our next deal…”

-Harold Sproul

Beaver, PA

-Joanne Fischer

Charlotte, NC

the mount washington radio group

“In the most challenging of times; in a market were funds are drying up everywhere; The Quantum Group was able to find us a buyer for our AM Tower and its tenants. “Mission Impossible” accomplished in the first quarter of 2009. They were pleasant and professional to work with; did not over promise, and brought it in at a fabulous multiple.”

-Ron Frizzell

North Conway, NH

billy development corp.

“I would recommend Quantum to anyone interested in selling their tower sites to prospective buyers and know they would secure the best terms available.”

-James M. Gilly Jr.

Ponte Verde, FL

diamond k tower company

“I enthusiastically recommend the Quantum Group to any wireless telecommunication tower business owner needing assistance in valuating, marketing and selling their assets.”

-Mike Kuhn

Greenville, MS

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