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Image by Alex Rodríguez Santibáñez


According to Alcatel-Lucent 77% of urban mobile users experience slow download speeds outdoors, 70% of enterprises report poor in-building mobile experience, and 72% of mobile users have problems connecting in large venues. What this means for Quantum clients: Top-value for your telecommunication assets.

Professionalism. The telecommunication industry has many moving parts, the skilled professionals at the Quantum Group are an invaluable asset in the negotiation of your wireless infrastructure real-estate. We participate in industry related conferences and trade-shows nationwide, year-round. No M&A company has worked harder to develop demand-side relationships and secure direct access to key industry leaders. The negotiation process has many hurdles and whether its negotiating stock deals ideal for tax structuring or identifying potential pitfalls Quantum Group is the nation’s leading wireless infrastructure asset representative.


Knowledge. The Quantum Group has represented wireless infrastructure assets for over 15 years. In October of 2002, publicly traded companies like Crown Castle and SBA Communications Corporation took a huge hit in the market. This happened on the back end of the first real estate boom for wireless infrastructure. The industry was consolidating and cellular antennas became a prominent necessity atop tower assets. Quantum Group felt the grave effects as SBA stock (SBAC), for example, hit all time lows. As a company though, we were unmoved. We continued to pursue sell-side acquisitions because we believed in the value of communication infrastructure. Quantum has been a representative of wireless infrastructure assets through thick-and-thin and our knowledge is unparalleled when it comes to your wireless infrastructure.


Relentless Execution. Our testimonials speak for themselves. The number one thing we do for our clients is bring top-value for their assets. Subscribers are pained by the current lack of cellular signals reaching their phones and the demand is very real for increased capacity. This not only has enormous implications for the industry moving forward, but also seeds added value in your infrastructure assets. Quantum Group understands this and will not recommend the execution of a deal until a meaningful offer has been presented. We understand the value of infrastructure real-estate and represent your assets until that value is appreciated by buyers.


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